We offer a new 6-chamber Brugmann bluEvolution plastic window profile of 82 mm with the most modern sealing technology which ensures excellent insulation and energetic efficiency intended for a passive house.

The ideal sealing system of these plastic windows is supplemented by the third central sealing gasket which improves the results of thermal and sound insulation.

Moreover, this plastic window profile is excellent as it contains the full set:

  • A package of a triple pane
  • Contains a Thermo frame
  • Contains increased safety handles

Technical data:

  • Number of PVC profile chambers: 6 chambers
  • Depth (width) of the profile: 82 mm
  • Built-in gasket (the third gasket)
  • Standard glazing 48 mm (triple pane) glass package Ug=0,5 W/m²K
  • The maximal weight of the glass package is 52 mm
  • Thermal conductivity of the window frame is MD:Uf1,0 W/m2K
  • Thermal insulation: Uw=0,74 W/m²K
  • Profile quality: Class A plastic profile (the width of the pane at least 3 mm)
  • Safety: the maximum possible safety class is WK2